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. A zygote ( formed by two gametes, a sperm cell and an egg) forms a human embryo which is a living organism.
. This means, you guessed it, the embryo is a HUMAN in the developmental stage.
. The gametes are not part of this human fetus as they die when the zygote is created.
. A human cannot feel pain unless they have a functioning sensory nervous system and thalamus which develops from roughly the 7th week and is completed by the 20th. Opinions still differ as to when the fetus can actually feel pain, but as nervous system development begins in the face, then hands and feet moving on to other bodily areas that is assumed that a fetus can feel pain in all developed regions.
. A fetus is not conscious/ sentinent until the third trimester, possibly not until after birth.
. No civilized society allows a human to take the life of another – ignoring the obvious exceptions.

So it’s alive, it’s human and at some stage is able to feel pain.

. Is a first trimester fetus a separate entity from it’s mother or, as it is fully dependent, a part of the mother’s body?
. Are humans superior to animals? We can euthanize a stray cat because it has no humanity or sentience, would the same apply for a fetus?
. Are individual human lives really relevant in the universal or even planetary scheme of things?

Put bluntly, I am pro abortion.
I try to look at things objectively.
Everyday morally oblivious animals, with no self awareness or concept of right and wrong are slaughtered to accommodate humans. They are as innocent as an unborn baby and when it comes down to it, we are all made up of the same organic matter. Animals kill each other, animals kill humans, humans kill animals and humans kill humans. It happens and it always will happen. The right to die is something every living creature has in common and a fetus is no exception.  The only concern is the number of species driven to extinction by then acts of humans, but since we’re not exactly on the way to obliterating humanity, no need to worry.
– That’s my ‘universal, we are all equal beings’ perspective.

As far my thought’s on society go, I find it ridiculous that governments think they have the right to decide who deserves the death penalty and which countries are due for a drone strike but a woman is targeted for wanting to make a life choice regarding her own body.
Religion – no comment, don’t get me started. I’m talking facts and opinions, not bloodthirsty, sexual fairytales. We are not in the dark ages, religion should not be influencing law.

Of course there’s the popular reasons:
. Rape victims
. Young uneducated mothers that will be living off government funding for the rest of their lives.
. When the mother has a medical need
. Importance to women’s civil rights.
As a final point, I believe that if a woman does not feel when could adequately provide and care for a child then she should consider adoption or abortion and in a lot of cases (unable to take pregnancy leave from work among others ) adoption is not an option.

I appreciate any opinions, especially since I did begin with unbiased information.

Cheers guys.